Blog posts about the GSoC 2017 project
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I want you write blog posts about your project weekly. The posts don't need to have too much text. They are necessary to track your progress and to expose to the community what you are doing.

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In your first post you presented the GSoC 2017 project itself.

Definitely. This will be really helpful.
I started forming approach about how to port Qalculate back end but could not do much due to exams. I am trying to clear up all the TODO stuff from by buffer so that they do not hinder later during coding period. Will try to update the blog ASAP

Nice @rishabhg. But I ask you to resolve T6111 before any port. We need to know the differences between QProcess and KProcess in order to select which approach we are going to use (I think you can do it before your exams because there is not coding task here).

Hello @rishabhg, I would like you blog post weekly. Try to write in each weekend, ok? You can write about what you did in previous week and what you are planning to do in next week.

So, you are delayed with your blog post. :)

Hi @filipesaraiva , yes the blog post got a bit delayed. I just updated it with what I did recently and my plans for this week

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GSoC 2017 is over, so closing this task.