Initial coding task: Phone number in the info panel
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When pressing placemark symbols (like shops, restaurants, etc.) an Info panel appears at the bottom of the screen.
This information is provided via OSM data displayed inside


(line 51-160)

What is still missing is the "phone call" feature: The information panel should display the phone number of a placemark (if available). It should be possible to press the phone number and an icon associated with the feature to initiate the phone call.

This task requires to

  • Display the correct phone number in the Information panel
  • Add a Material Style Icon
  • Do some research how to present this information in the most convenient way (that is also consistent with the Material style guidelines). As part of this research you should also check how other maps applications on Android present this feature (e.g. Google Maps, OSM And,
  • Discuss possible solutions with the mentors
  • Adjust the UI accordingly
  • Use to wire up the actual functionality that would initiate the phone call.
  • Check for possible improvements.

Goals of this task:

  • The user can look up the phone number of a placemark and establish a phone call in a user-friendly way that is consistent with the Material Style guidelines.
  • The student becomes familiar with the UI code, the challenges of Marble's UI structure, alternative approaches and the Material Style guidelines.
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