Port Qalculate backend to Q/KProcess
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filipesaraiva renamed this task from Port Qalculate to Q/KProcess to Port Qalculate backend to Q/KProcess.
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Hello @filipesaraiva , I started the port of Qalculate. I have created a diff here https://phabricator.kde.org/differential/diff/15019/

At the moment I am just concentrating on establishing connection with the back end, hence I have disabled the support for extensions, completion etc.

The application will produce SIGSEV if given an expression to solve , only for Qalculate.

Next I plant to add support for expression evaluation

Hi @rishabhg I think just the variable management is missing in Qalculate port, right? If yes you can move to other backend. Let's try to port most of them before the end of GSoC.

@filipesaraiva Variable management has been ported too but it needs refinement.

In the coming days I'll prepare a DESIGN file for Qalculate explaining what's done and how it is done but my priority is to start working on a new backend.