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In Plasma Instant Messaging there is an option to add a Telegram account, however it reports that the "morse" package is not installed. To fix this it looks like we need to package telegram-qt and telepathy-morse.


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So I had a bit of time to spare this morning and I packaged telegram-qt and uploaded to my PPA. I've also pushed the packaging to LP, see links below:

Packaging :
PPA Builds :

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Packaged telepathy-morse now too

Packaging :
PPA Builds :

Please test and let me know how it works for you. I have it setup and working in Zesty.

I have added your PPA and installed telepathy-morse. However, my phone never gets the code. At least I don't get an error message about needing telepathy-morse anymore!

Ah yes, I had that. You have to put telepathy in offline mode and then "Go Online" or make your status "Available"

Yay, that worked! At least once ktp synced some of my telegram conversations. I would love to use Ktp instead of the Telegram desktop app -- IF I can get channels to work.

Now I wish there was a Ktp android app!

Now tested successfully on Yakkety. It does require going offline and back online repeatedly, but it does finally work at least for individuals.

This should fix Launchpad bug 1512135 in ktp-contact-list (Ubuntu) "Cannot add Telegram account to Telepathy" [Medium,Confirmed]

This is now added to KCI. There was a bug in morse which was echoing conversation back to sender, but that appears to be resolved now [1]. Hopefully this can now be uploaded to the archive and maybe tested and put into backports.

1 -

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Is this packaged now? It doesn't seem to be there in Kubuntu Zapus.

It is packaged , but not uploaded as needs MOTU

Thanks for the update!

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I think this can be marked as a dup of but I'm not quite sure how.


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