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Currently declarative/Placemark.cpp displays wheelchair information as part of the description property. This task is about moving it to a new wheelchairInfo property and extending the information

  • Create a new Q_PROPERTY wheelchairInfo in Placemark.h with a corresponding getter, setter and notification signal
  • Create the information for the wheelchairInfo property similar to the other properties. Move the existing addTagValue(... ""wheelchair") over.
  • Include the yet missing wheelchair=designated tag
  • Add information from the wheelchair:description:lang=* tag. lang is a placeholder that can take en, de, ... Choose the best language in the same way as GeoDataPlacemark::displayName() does
  • Add a new IconText section in src/apps/marble-maps/PlacemarkDialog.qml to show the property.
  • Use the icon src/apps/marble-maps/material-icons/ic_accessible_black_48px.svg. To be able to use it, add it to src/apps/marble-maps/MarbleMaps.qrc like the other material icons already in there

Test your implementation using the marble-maps application on the desktop or on Android.

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Done in D3642