Create "About us", "Collaborate" and "Join us" pages
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We have to decide which should be the content of these pages. The idea is to have these pages as static and blocked. We have to figure out what we want to write in these pages and translate it in other languages (Mandatory for 1.0: eng & ita) . "Collaborate" page can be simply a link to the guide (eg. click on "Collaborate"--> "Hey, would you like to collaborate with us? Here what you can do" and the guide, or something like this)

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Started working on the italian "join us" page. I think that this page has to be very similar (but better organized than) to the already existing I've discussed with @atundo and @tomaluca about this and we think that the best solution is to have localized communication channels pages in every language portal. I've started with the italian one (see

for the wikitext ) which can be adjusted but it seems to me better organized and well-structured than the previous version. When this is ok we could translate it and publish on Further details can be found at under "Work in progress", where I am creating drafts for these pages.

About us page: text ready, structure ready.
Collaborate page: renamend Join us page, texts and structure ready.
Join us page: ready.

Creation of pages is going on. Texts have been sent to translators and "join us" page is already ready and linked, while "about us" is being created. I'd say we're almost done with promo work for the skin :)

About us is ready. Join us is being completed: working on the texts review

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