Photographic layers import
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This feature is very useful when you create an image by graphics layers with alpha channel you want to import into the video editor application for creating animations.
Generally you can import only the Photoshop psd format but, as Kdenlive is a FLOSS application, I suggest to make it possible also with xcf (Gimp) and kra (Krita) file formats.
When you import a multi layers image in Premiere and FCP they create a folder in the project window with all the layers as single images.

I read it and I tested it too. But when I tried to import .kra files in RGB space, both simple one with just one layer and projects which contain more layers, I had these results:

  1. when I imported the multilayer Kdenlive import it as it is an audio file.
  2. when I imported the single layer file Kdenlive said: "Clip is invalid, will be removed from project.

Is there some special procedure for doing this operation?

I found why it happens this here:
At the latest today post j-b-m wrote:

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle 2016-05-12 13:09:42 UTC
Yes, this is fixed but requires MLT's latest git version to work.
We use Krita's QImage plugin to load the images.

I'm waiting to see, I hope Kdenlive will be able to open all the layers in the Krita images.

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