heaptrack: support debuglink and UUID for split debug info
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The vogl source contains the required patches to libbacktrace which need to be forward-ported in a more maintainable manner to get this feature in. We should also think about pushing this feature upstream to GCC's official libbacktrace version.

mwolff created this task.Mar 15 2016, 7:27 PM

A WIP for this can be found in wip/buildid, it will include the buildid in the heaptrack file. But for interpreting, it isn't enough to just load the debug file only. It has to be used in addition apparently, which isn't possible without patching libbacktrace like is done in vogl.

At this point, I think it may be a better idea to port away from libbacktrace and use elfutils instead (esp. libdw{,fl}). We could even use that for unwinding, getting rid of libunwind, or at least adding that as an alternative to libunwind for platforms where elfutils is better (faster?) than libunwind.

mwolff closed this task as Resolved.May 17 2018, 8:47 PM

fixed by using an updated libbacktrace