heaptrack: trackers for more APIs
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other API's to trace for useful output:

  • iotrack: trace I/O related libc functions, if possible. not sure whether is possible, considering they may directly map to syscalls we cannot overload
  • locktrack: trace pthread API to find lock contention, QMutex using futex may be an issue, if it's a direct syscall
  • sqltrack: trace mysql/sqlite/postgres C API to find long running queries (interesting for akonadi e.g.)
mwolff created this task.Mar 4 2016, 11:38 PM

We should look at rr, and how they monkey-patch the vdso to trace all syscalls. That could be used then to track I/O and futex stuff. It would also be useful for heaptrack itself to trace mmap/munmap/sbrk to check heapspace vs. the "real" requested memory by the allocator.