Port of Gtk+ 3D Maze
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Description: Find your way out of the 3D maze

Prerequisite: Can use the keyboard arrow to move an object.

Goal: Help Tux get out of this maze.

Manual: Use the keyboard arrows to move Tux up to the door. Use the spacebar to switch between 2D and 3D modes. 2D mode just gives you an indication of your position, like a map. You cannot move Tux in 2D mode.



bcoudoin created this task.Feb 6 2016, 9:46 PM

can I work on this if work is still left under this branch?

jjazeix added a subscriber: jjazeix.Feb 2 2018, 8:39 PM

The activity hasn't been started so it's to be started from scratch, feel free to take it :)

Hi. Is anyone currently working on this activity?

Yes , I was about to start work on this , but I was not able to find the branch or related info. (screenshots ,etc). Can someone please help me out ? Also can someone describe the work that needs to be done as I am not very experienced with this.


the code hasn't been started so you need to create a new branch from scratch.

If you have access to Gtk+ version (depending on your OS, it might still be here), you should test the existing activity to have an idea on how it works.

http://gcompris.net/screenshots/maze3D.jpg for a screenshot but feel free to improve it. Basically, the aim of the activity is to have a maze represented in 3 dimensions and find the exit.

Please assign it to yourself if you want to do it.

Hi. I have tested the 3D maze activity on the Gtk+ version, although not thoroughly. I seem to have found a clear idea on how the walls are made to look like 3D with 2D images. @parthpartani if your have no problem, we could work on this together. I will start a new branch and create a diff to get started.

Working in pair is possible, don't hesitate if you want, it can be a good way to learn and progress faster that working alone!

Thanks @jjazeix. We will start looking through the old code and get going.

It would be good for me as well @rohitdas . Also can you help get started with it and it would be good if we distribute work among us.