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Hi Timotheé,

The current setup of is not completed correctly in the past it seems. I can see we have setup our nameservers correctly in the past, but you have not changed the nameserves at OVH.

We can do 2 things:
a) we remove our config and you keep maintaining the domain configuration at OVH.
b) you point the domain to our nameservers.

If we choose b) we need to double check if our configuration is still accurate and then I can give you the correct nameservers you can configure in OVH.

Let us know what you prefer.

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Hi Toma,

I'm not sure what you mean.

I did exactly the steps as discussed with Ben, and the website works as expected.
As far as I understand, the domain is managed on KDE server and setup to the nameservers of my host ( ) .
I don't see what is the problem exactly?

Also, as we are going to release a new version this week-end, I'd prefer not changing anything for now to not risk breaking the website access.

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The domain is managed by you on OVH and uses the nameservers of OVH. You can verify on:

If you wanted to transfer it, Ben will have asked you to change to a set of Bytemark servers. That never happened it seems.

I will remove our setup, so you can keep hosting it on the OVH nameservers.

OK now I think I see what you mean.
Indeed the domain is managed by me, which is the simplest solution as we need to keep it on my server and I need to manage emails on this domain.

What I meant is just that the registrant of the domain is KDE e.V. and Ben did setup the domain to use the OVH nameservers (but this I don't know exactly how he did).

I guess the setup you're refering to is leftovers of the initial plan we had to migrate the whole website to KDE servers, which we decided to not do in the end.

toma added a comment.Nov 27 2019, 6:54 PM

Sure. That could explain it. It is fine to keep it as it is.
Good luck this weekend!