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I wanted to work on improving the look of as part of T10827. But wasn't able to install the store locally. Could I get some information about how to install the store locally on my machine?


PS: I already send a mail about it sometimes ago, but didn't get a reply containing the information. Phab is probably better to keep track of this request ;)

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For the moment I tried:

$ sudo docker-composer build
Step 11/16 : COPY ./.docker_init/templates/* data/stores/templates/
ERROR: Service 'web' failed to build: COPY failed: no source files were specified

Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience. You'll need a few configuration files (such as seed files for the database) that are not part of the repository. We try to put something together and publish the download for the developers.

Ok thanks :)

Maybe a mysqldump --no-data should be enough until you have more time to create documentation?

btw I will host a website BoF at Akademy T11423 :)

friendly ping

Sorry, but next week we will start putting together a package for developers. An empty database is one thing, but you'll need at least a few more products to see the structure of the site.

Hello, sorry for the delay. We have prepared a repository containing the required data. It's far from being finished, but maybe you can work with it.
It is currently hosted on Github and is not public, but here is the invitation:
Still important to know, the interesting part for you is in Branch kde.
If any information is missing then please contact us at any time.

@alexanderschmidt Thank you very much for this 😄 I was able to successfully run the web application on my computer.

Looking at the code I see that ocs-webserver still use Zend 1. This Framework is EOL since more than 3 years and don't get any security update. Is a migration to Zend 2 and then Zend 3 planned? If this is the case, I would like to help with this effort. I don't have much experience with Zend but a lot with a similar enterprise oriented PHP framework: Symfony (version 2, 3 and 4).

Yes, that's like a thorn in our side. A migration is planned for this year and urgently needed. I do not know if we can do it in time to put the system completely on another framework. But the minimum requirement is a migration to Zend 2.

I'm trying to understand how the backend works, and I have a question: in localhost/backend/categories, how do I add a Browse-List-Type?

Oh well, yes, that is not immediately recognizable.
First, you should add a type in the backend under '/backend/browselisttype'.
Important is the name and view page. The name is not a problem - any string. The view page is the name of the view script without the extension '.phtml' which must be stored in the directory '/application/modules/default/views/scripts/explore'. After that you should be able to select the Browse-List-Type under '/backend/categories'.
I will expand the database seed so that there is always at least one browse list type available.
You could run the following SQL snippets, so you should definitely be able to create categories again.
INSERT INTO browse_list_types (browse_list_type_id,name,desc,render_page_name,is_active,deleted_at) VALUES (1,'default','Default List type is List','index-react',1,NULL);