Add live Multiple tip brush
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Ramon miranda commented that using gih is cumbersome and having a more direct approach for creating multi predefined brush tip sets for live usage would be much better.

Example videos (Clip studio) (PaintStorm)

Ramon mentioned

  • It is much faster to make variations or change "tips"
vanyossi created this task.Jun 17 2019, 8:10 PM

Do we need any ability to edit individual tips, or just add and remove them from external files (like these two example videos are doing). I think the editing is where it might start getting tricky on the UI.

From what I understand from the video is this:

  • Have a brush type "tip" that acts as a collector
  • Brush tips live in a general collection and you pick the ones you need for the current active "collector"
  • Brush tip collecions can be added or removed from the collection.

Tip images cannot be edited. Just add or remove indicidual tips.