Event Visa Invitation Letter Generator
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Many KDE Events (especially Akademy) need to issue Visa Invitation letters.

A tool that automates generation of the letters would be great.


  • User interfacing part should be preferrably done in events.k.o
  • Business logic/Backend can be done in another application
  • Conference attendee can enter her data into a form
  • Admins can create (per event) a template (e.g. in LaTeX)
  • Letter is created from data & template
  • Manual interaction can't be automated (printing it, signing it, scanning it, uploading it)
  • Signed letter is uploaded to the system
  • Attendee is automatically informed that the Visa Invitation letter was signed & can download it
derkits created this task.Apr 1 2019, 12:53 PM
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Backend Data needed:

Event Data:

  • Template to generate PDF out from (manually uploaded)

Attendee Info:

  • Full name (could be taken from identity)
  • Full address (manually entered by user)
  • Arrival Date (could be taken from event registration)
  • Departure Date (could be taken from event registration)
  • Email (could be taken from identity)
  • Passport number (manually entered by user)
  • Birth Date (manually entered by user)
  • Is Attendee of Event (could be taken from event registration)
  • accomodation sponsored (manually set by board)
  • transport sponsored (manually set by board)
  • visa invitation request accepted (manually set by board)

Visa letter:

  • created letter based on the template (automatically created)
  • signed letter (manually uploaded)

After the event (TODO: which time??) the data should be deleted (because of GPDR)

derkits added a subscriber: kcoyle.Sep 10 2019, 1:56 PM


  • Admins create the event on events.kde.org
  • Admins enable "Visa Invation requests" & upload a Visa invation letter template (can also happen later than when creating the event)
  • User registers on events.kde.org for an Event (e.g. Akademy) using their Identity account
  • User needs a Visa Invation, they click on "request VISA invation" after registering
  • They are taken to a dialog where they enter the information that is manually needed
  • Board is informed of the Visa invation request & can set the status of sponsorship & can accept the request
  • If request was rejected, attendee is informed
  • If request was accepted, attendee is informed that it was accepted
  • If accepted, out of the template & attendee data a letter is created
  • this letter is saved but also sent to the event admins (e.g. akademy-team)
  • event admins print the letter, make sure it is signed, scan the signed letter & upload the letter
  • the uploaded letter is sent to the attendee