List of applications respecting tor proxy settings
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We should investigate which applications can be configured in a way that they proxy traffic over tor. To test this, it is the best to use services offered over a tor hidden server, so we can easily make sure that traffic is routed over tor.

  • nextcloud/owncloud Client:
    • proxy settings in the UI, tested with a .onion server:
  • psi+
    • proxy settings in the UI, tested with a .onion server:
  • kopete:
    • no proxy settings found in UI
    • torify and torsocks lead to a crash, when I try to connect
    • have not investigated further
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knauss added a subscriber: knauss.Mar 26 2019, 12:40 PM
  • pidgin
    • use the proxy settings from the preferences and make use every account is taking the general proxy setting.
    • nice thing about this, that you can enable/disable tor on an account base.

  • KIO (checked in dolphin)
    • fish:/ protocol doesn't work with .onion URLs
    • changing the proxy in Plasma System Settings to (tor) doesn't fix the problem

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