Ship with LMDB 0.9.23 or else cherry pick
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Description is an upstream fix for the LMDB database that fixes the most common crash in Baloo: (currently at 42 duplicates).

This fix is in LMDB 0.9.23. Unfortunately, Disco currently only has 0.9.22 (see

If we can't get Disco to include 0.9.23, we chould consider backporting

And we might want to consider doing this for Bionic too, regardless.

ngraham created this task.Jan 15 2019, 8:07 PM
ngraham triaged this task as High priority.

Please report a bug against the package in launchpad. Then me or Simon can look at this.

The built lib liblmdb0 has symbols file, so may need to look at what happens there (if anything).

$ reverse-depends liblmdb0


  • appstream-generator [amd64 armhf i386]
  • cfengine3
  • libcaffe-cpu1
  • libcaffe-cuda1 [amd64 ppc64el]
  • libkf5balooengine5
  • libknot8
  • libkres8 [amd64 arm64 armhf i386 ppc64el]
  • liblmdb-dev
  • libpromises3
  • libzeroc-ice3.7
  • nheko
  • php7.3-dba
  • postfix-lmdb
  • python-lmdb
  • python3-lmdb

Fixed for Disco

I would argue not all done. As per the uploads for Bionic and Cosmic are still only in the proposed pocket, and require testing/verification (confirmed on the bug) to allow the fixed packages to reach the updates pocket where they ship to normal users.