Volume Plasmoid is not keyboard navigate able
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The plasmoid to select the source/ sink/ mute and volume for sound is not keyboard navigateable

Click on volume icon in panel
arrow up/ down or press tab


  • the list entries (devices) are never focused
  • the volume sliders can not moved (increase decrease volume)
  • only the embedded "hamburger" menu is focused and can toggled with space (thats good)
  • the page could not changed (from Devices to applications)

What should happen:

  • the list entries (devices) should be focused, pressing arrow left/right should select the volume,
  • pressing tab should focus the hamburger menu for the selected list entry
  • pressing up /down should move in the list up or down
  • a way to change the page, (maybe ctrl + page up/ page down or make it focusable in tab chain to activate it with space bar)
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seems to work mostly now with plasma 5.15

some minor fixes are needed:

  1. the volume bars are not in range of 0 to 100% but 0 to 650000
  2. the "Devices" and "Applicatoin" tabs doent have a11y labels or are not focusable properly so orca is not able to announce them
  1. and way to access the volume is still needed. i assigned a key activate it.