send mouse signals from View to containment

Authored by mvourlakos on Apr 14 2019, 10:25 AM.


send mouse signals from View to containment

--this is side-way path for mouse events and
more specific the mouse pressed, released
events to be sent from parent window to its
qml containment part. This way it is possible
to keep the original plasma applet behavior
such as original plasma tooltips and provide
Latte specific functionality such as animated
clicks from indicators.

NOTE: An investigation - testing took place in order to check if this approach could be also used for mouseMove events to be used for applets parabolic effect. The result was that this was not possible because there were too many signals and too much calculations too identify for which applet the signal belonged to. The parabolic effect was not fluid in that case and could not catch up.


mvourlakosApr 15 2019, 7:00 PM
R878:bcbc822541cf: animate editBackground for disabledAnimations