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A collection of mockups for how the "Create a new account" window/paper will look like.

Relevant information, this is made with the upcoming show-and-tell in mind and as such do not include more advanced features. The goal is to have a collection of "premade" account formats and a simpler to read IMAP account setup using those.

jensreuterberg created Create New Account Mockups.Jun 16 2016, 6:02 PM
jensreuterberg added a project: Kube: UX.

GAH! Ignore the slight shift to the left of the authentication scroll down menu's in IMAP... slipped on the pixels it seem. Will be corrected

And maildir came with the wrong subheader text. Will also be sorted (one man revision crew Jens signing out)

Apart from the things I've commented on below: Thumbs up, looks really nice and clean!

Inline Comments

What does that mean?

IMAP and SMTP address

I assume that if a user leaves those untouched, the system will choose defaults which work most of the time, is that correct? If not, they should be regular fields, because those dropdowns suggest "Only click if you know what those are, otherwise leave untouched"

Kolab Now


Should we allow to leave it blank and just use the email address as account name in that case?

These are too technical terms.

Suggestion: Call them "Other e-mail account (IMAP)" and "Local e-mail folder (Maildir)"

It's "Kolab Now"