Desktop Wallpaper Settings

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Mock Description

Here's a proposal for a UI change that would make desktop background image configuration infinitely more powerful. The idea stems from how backgrounds work with CSS on the web.

This UI should be used with every "Wallpaper Type" that uses user's images; Image, Slideshow...

UI Elements:

  1. Background color selector - this settings has to be always present. I'm using transparent PNGs as backgrounds and I want to be able to set the underlying color. Currently only "Scaled, keep proportions" and "Centered" modes allow configuring this.
  2. Background image mode: Contain, Cover, Stretch, Tile - a dropdown that should replace the current "Positioning" dropdown.
  3. Horizontal and vertical slider next to the preview - sliders to adjust the positioning properties of the image. See the attached mockup.

Some use cases to show what's possible with these settings:

  1. You want to use a photo that you took on your latest vacation. The photo is portrait, but you only care about the bottom part. Set "cover" mode and move position to bottom.
  2. You want to have a black background and only put a tiny decorative transparent PNG in the top right corner. Set mode to "contain" and move position to top right.