Bugsquad Bug Day - digiKam

Hosted by acrouthamel on May 7 2019, All Day.


This Bug Day will be focusing on bugs reported on digiKam. Join at any time, the event will be occurring all day long!

This is a great opportunity for anyone, especially non-developers to get involved!

  1. Check out our Bug Triaging guide for a primer on how to go about confirming and triaging bugs.
  2. Log into KDE Phabricator and join the Bugsquad!
  3. Join the #kde-bugs IRC channel on Freenode to chat with us in real-time as we go through the list.
  4. Open the shared Etherpad for this event (use your KDE Identity login) to select your block of bugs and cross them off.

If you need any help, contact @acrouthamel!


acrouthamel changed the start date for this event from May 8 2019 to May 7 2019.Jan 30 2019, 4:11 AM
acrouthamel changed the end date for this event from May 8 2019 to May 7 2019.