libs/icu: fixed hardcoded path in icu-config

Authored by maxrd2 on Mon, Dec 2, 5:30 PM.



Current recipe generates bin/icu-config script that contains a hardcoded path inside:

if [ "x${prefix}" = "x" ]; then prefix="$default_prefix"; fi

Using icu-config without specifiying prefix fails. This patch solves that by replacing those lines with:

if [ "x${prefix}" = "x" ]; then prefix="$default_prefix"; fi

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R877 Craft Blueprints for KDE
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bin/icu-config had prefix variable hardcoded like this:


now it's changed to following so it doesnt break dependant build scripts:

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corrected return value

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@vonreth added summary.. hope this describes the issue better.

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Using os.path.join and buildprefix instead of env var.

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@vonreth I can't replace second parameter $KDEROOT with CraftCore.standardDirs.craftRoot() as that will just hardcode different path.
Should I replace $KDEROOT with $(realpath "$(dirname "$0")/..") if KDEROOT is not good?

But as the post install is done on every system that installs icu, it is supposed to work

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Isn't prebuilt binary package downloaded from KDE cache?
In that case will it have hardcoded craft path from those build machines?

Yes but the post install step is is also executed on cached files

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Replaced $KDEROOT with CraftCore.standardDirs.craftRoot()

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ok then... thanks for the info.
Have updated the diff.

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I don't have permissions to land it

ah sry πŸ™ˆ

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.

This change has broken deployment of ICU from the cached binaries, and causes a build from source to fail.

*** Action: cleanimage for libs/icu ***
*** Action: install for libs/icu ***
*** Action: post-install for libs/icu ***
File C:\Craft\CI-Qt513\windows-msvc2019_64-cl-debug\build\libs\icu\image-Debug-63.1\bin/icu-config not found.
Action: post-install for libs/icu:63.1 FAILED
*** Craft all failed: libs/icu after 2 minutes 19 seconds ***
fatal error: package libs/icu all failed
Command C:\Program Files\Python36\python.exe -u C:\Craft\CI-Qt513\windows-msvc2019_64-cl-debug\craft\bin\ --option /.buildTests=False --list-file ../ci-tooling/craftmaster/packages.list failed with exit code: 1

On Windows, icu-config simply does not exist.

maxrd2 added a comment.Sat, Dec 7, 1:17 AM

Have added check that file exists in
It still works on linux... don't know how/where to test on windows