FIX: Responsivness issues on page

Authored by vladimirmikulic on Sep 17 2019, 9:07 AM.



BUG: T11333

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Thanks I will push this change very soon :)

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Thanks pushed in R883:1551895

@ognarb thank you for introducing me to the KDE community and guiding me. It was my pleasure to contribute. I am looking forward to more :)

@vladimirmikulic it's nice to see that there are some front end developer interested in working on the kde websites, if you are interested for more, that about moving all the inline <style> in to I created a task about it T11715.

A bigger task would be to improve rewrite the kde homepage T11714. But this will need some planning and probably mockups.

I will try in the comming days to create more front-end tasks.

@ognarb I'll do my best. After I finish improving CSS structure, I going to start working on homepage.
I'll provide you with some mockups, so if everyone agrees, I'll start converting it to the actual code.