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I was unable to build the desktop application and didn't understand it well enough to add a new plugin on the desktop application.
So I improvised and used --ping-msg.
Made changes to the android application in order to parse ping messages starting with ::DIALER with another function.
I'm now sending information through to the android application by seperating arguments with ::

For example,
kdeconnect-cli -d f69e2e8ac00b140d --ping-msg "::DIALER::DIAL::9176119388"
*Will pop up a notification to dial the number 9176119388, which when clicked, opens a dialer*

kdeconnect-cli -d f69e2e8ac00b140d --ping-msg "::DIALER::ADD::Vishal::9176119388::0123456789"
*Will pop up a notification to add a contact Vishal (9176119388), which when clicked, opens the add contact screen on the user's phone.
This can be used to add upto three numbers in a single contacts.*


More context :
I'm working on a project to create a Click-to-dial pop-up Dialer application for GSoC under Debian. This application (would be invoked as a MIME handler and) is being developed with Python3 & PyQt4. It can place a phone call with VoIP, display details about the country in which the phone number is registered, save the number to an address book.

With KDE-Connect‌, my aim is to send a phone number/contact to a user's mobile phone. This will show a notification on the Android device which the user can click to either dial (starting a dialer intent) or add to his contacts.

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Hi, thanks for your interest in KDE Connect!

You can find instructions on how to build the KDE Connect desktop side in . Feel free to ask me about anything unclear.

For the future I recommend using the arc command line tool to upload patches. It makes our and your life easier.

Also, please remove all unrelated changes, i.e. the Log calls, before uploading patches.

Obviously the ping plugin is not the right place to implement the functionality. You can find instructions on how to create a new plugin in the plugins/ folders README file in the desktop repo.

Note that we already have a url handler for e.g. phone urls. It can be invoked by kdeconnect-handler

For discussion around KDE Connect we have a Telegram group that you can join via

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