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Some things to look at and draw ideas from

Fedora Marketing Guide

Mozilla Marketing Guide

LibreOffice Guide

The plan for this page is to draw from the above resources, and create sensible guidance for Marketeers, and to act as a working plan from which the Marketing Manager develops activites and plans.

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Kubuntu News Distribution Network

Some ideas

  • #kubunting : create this hashtag to share and use while you are using kubuntu or we are installing it on the PCs of some friend or family member

  • video "advertising" of Kubuntu: ask users to make small videos (minimum 5 seconds) of them using Kubuntu .. whether at home or in bars, portable or fixed .. and then put them together ..use of license-free musicand insert banners .. in short .. make a cool video
  • make gadgets to send to those who make a kind of subscription (with a minimum amount) before the release of the release, to be able to celebrate the Kubuntu party

example: stickers{F5542325}

  • I created banners to be released on various social networks a week before and the day of the release of the various builds of Kubuntu (alpha, etc, .., final)

these banners have as their background the official wallpaper of the version that is released, decomposed and reassembled as we approach the final release
an example:

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