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For Kubuntu Automation 2.3 or later it would be nice to rework some stuff of the internal API to have an Object Oriented design, Also, it would be nice to document this internal API to make KA's internals easier to maintain and understand; Sphinx seems to be the best tool to do this. At the same time, Sphinx could be used for Tritemio's Setup Guide (instead of using LaTeX directly).

List of stuff where we could use Sphinx:

  • KA's README.hacking
  • KA's installation instructions
  • KA's future internal API documentation
  • KA's future manpages
  • Tritemio Setup Guide (which is, right now, still a big work in progress)

Progress done

  • There is a 2.3 branch in KA's git repo to prepare all the changes
  • UML class diagram available in doc/uml/oop_design.xmi
  • Skeleton of the documentation created with Sphinx available in the 2.3 branch
  • KA's README has been ported
  • KA's README has been ported
  • KA's INSTALL has been ported
  • There is a gbp-ppa stub manpage available in KA's branch 2.3


  • Rework KA's internal API.
  • Prepare manpages for KA's commands.
  • Port the WIP Tritemio Setup Guide.
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