Operation 'Fir Tree'
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Status: complete.

This is about making ka packageable and releaseable like if it were a "normal" piece of software. The idea is NOT uploading the resulting package to the Ubuntu official archive, but maintaining it in a team maintained PPA meant to be used by Kubuntu developers.

Implementation progress

The packages are available here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ubuntu/dev-tools/+packages

  • Move the ka_print module from 'lib' to 'libka' keeping a compatibility symlink. If this works correctly and doesn't break anything we could try to proceed with the rest of the modules.
  • Move the obsolete scripts from KA to an 'attic' directory.
  • Initial setuptools support already available in git master.
  • Initial debian packaging already available in git master.
  • Create a separate git repository for the package metadata: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/ka/+git/ka-metadata
  • Change the KA code to work against the separate KA metadata git repository
  • Fix gbp-* commands to work when installed from the package
  • Create an official ppa under the 'kubuntu-ninjas' umbrella, right now it provides the kubuntu-automation package
  • Move the status webpages configuration to ka-metadata
  • Test the basic tools doing a frameworks upload to a PPA
  • Merge the changes into the master branch of KA's git repo
  • Adjust weegie to use the Kubuntu Automation from the dev-tools PPA
  • Rename the KA's python package 'lib' to 'libka'? Nope, we will do this as part of Operation Coherence
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