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This is the primary project for upcoming Krita projects and versions.
New features leading to the next major release and wishlist items go here.

Flow of a feature:

  1. First goes into Krita: Abyss
    1. Here artists with ideas can leave their idea(but do notify us first).
  2. Then someone who is interested, will take this task(assign it to themselves). (You absolutely need to be commited to making the feature work)
  3. It will be moved to Krita: Next Features
    1. Figure out usecases(idea gathering)
    2. Consolidation of ideas.
    3. First architecture is designed.
    4. Make gui.
    5. Make the feature... feature complete..
    6. get approved for merge.
  4. If feature is implemented, merged, and there has been a mail to the mailing list(!Important!)
  5. Assign Krita: Manual and krita testing. (So that it can be documented, and get a test-by-fire)
  6. When those are done. Move to Krita next releases, where it'll be put into a 'make noise' column.
  7. Final resting place in column of release that it was in.

Discussion and GUI design of the upcoming features

Please use this dashboard for quick access to all discussion and testing tasks:

(You can also access the same tasks from the big Krita: Next Features board itself)

Release process:

The process of making a release (building packages and making announcements) is managed in Krita Current (3.1.2) board.

To get more information, see a special dashboard:
(all the "Tasks" panels are linked to the corresponding columns of the board)

Other boards:

Source: T3541

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