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The KDE Bugsquad keeps track of incoming bugs in KDE software, and goes through old bugs. We verify that a bug exists, whether it is reproducible, and that the reporter has given enough information. Our goal is to save developers from doing this, which helps them fix bugs more quickly and do more work on KDE software.

Getting involved in the Bugsquad is a good place to start. An existing member will help you out and mentor you. One of the great things about the Bugsquad and bug triaging is that you do not need any programming knowledge! That said, experience has shown that members of this team learn a lot about KDE and Qt programming during the course of dealing with bug reports, and many move on to developing the software itself. If you are just starting to learn programming, bug triaging is a great way to gain familiarity with the components and give practical support to the KDE community.

For live chat, we have the #kde-bugs IRC channel on Freenode. Please feel free to stop by! You can also connect now via Matrix if you prefer.

To join the Bugsquad, become a member of our project on Phabricator and for team collaboration. We organize Bug Days, where we focus on a specific product, with the goal of reviewing all open bugs by the end of the day. These meetings occur primarily on #kde-bugs.

We have a Bugsquad calendar you can view, or export as ICS to your calendar of choice. The calendar lists all of the upcoming Bug Days and what product we will be focusing on. These days are great times to get involved and ask questions!

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