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Feb 2 2019

hellcp added a comment to D18662: Add and rename some YaST icons and symlinks.

It's not really a workaround, all of those icons are valid when it comes to YaST, however previous batch of YaST icons into Breeze was build on idea that icon xyz-abc.svg will fallback to xyz.svg inside the same icon theme. In QIcon::fromTheme that is the case IF icon xyz-abc.svg does not exist in hicolor or any other fallback theme.

Feb 2 2019, 3:14 PM · Frameworks

Dec 29 2018

hellcp added a comment to D17623: Add YaST and new preference icons.

That happens in Inkscape and other renderers with uneven (133%, 146% etc) magnification. When rendering also sometimes you will get a darker border when there is something dark behind an object. I used that to my advantage with new YaST Package Management icons

Dec 29 2018, 12:03 AM · Frameworks