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eje211 abandoned D11409: Summary:.

I didn't know how to update a previous revision. I'll do that instead.

Sat, Mar 17, 3:59 PM
eje211 set the repository for D11409: Summary: to R473 KTorrent.
Sat, Mar 17, 8:38 AM
eje211 requested review of D11409: Summary:.
Sat, Mar 17, 8:35 AM

Sun, Mar 11

eje211 added a comment to D11070: An alternative to the web interface.
In D11070#222461, @pino wrote:

Not sure why I was added for this review, since I'm not a ktorrent developer...

Anyway, since I'm added, I can provide some general feedback (not on the web part though, as I'm not a web developer):

  • please do not add translations to .desktop and .notifyrc files: there is an automated KDE service that handles them from/to PO files
  • there is lots of commented code in the added files: please remove it if it is not needed, otherwise it is just clutter
  • is the angularjs favicon.ico really needed? if so, please at least use the ktorrent icon (building the .ico file from the .png sources)
  • html/source.txt says that the sources are at https://github.com/eje211/ktorrent-web, which makes shipping only the generated files a license issue (since there is no preferred form of modification); also, the files in ktorrent-web have no license specified (big red issue)
  • the plugin embeds a copy of the Mongoose library: https://github.com/cesanta/mongoose -- is there no other library for this, that can be used as system library (i.e. without copying it statically in the sources)? ktorrent is not much actively developed, so the big risk here is that the embedded copy would just rot (like already happening with the copy of GeoIP.c); also Mongoose is GPL-2only, which is a long-term licensing issue (since it then forces the license of the resulting work to be GPL-2only)
  • what @trufanov and @stikonas already said regarding the usage of a web framework

    Also, I posted various reviews of the actual C++ code used.
Sun, Mar 11, 5:12 AM

Thu, Mar 8

eje211 added a comment to D11070: An alternative to the web interface.

I'll look into those. You should know that I'm using an existing,
well-known web server library for this, though. But there's always a
possibility of a vulnerability in HOW I use it.

Thu, Mar 8, 4:21 PM
eje211 added a reviewer for D11070: An alternative to the web interface: stikonas.
Thu, Mar 8, 7:53 AM

Mon, Mar 5

eje211 requested review of D11070: An alternative to the web interface.
Mon, Mar 5, 8:34 PM