kdeconnect-cli does not start daemon on Windows
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When the daemon isn't running kdeconnect-cli uses dbus activation to start it. This does not work on Windows. Start it directly in this case.

This needs something similar to https://cgit.kde.org/kdeconnect-kde.git/commit/?id=9f95d8c4d31da4d426d20b4b785d9ceef4f8be1d

I think that dbus might have been fixed on windows. kdeconnect-cli seems to start dbus/kdeconnectd automatically for me, and even reverting/commenting out the patch referenced in the above description in kdeconnect-indicator seems to make kdeconnectd and dbus autolaunch.

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I can confirm it triggers the daemon automatically and all functions of thr cli are accessible as seen in the linux build.