Profile Memory Use
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Use Heaptrack or Valgrind to asses KStars memory use in various scenarios including using Ekos with full capture/guide/focus/align activity.

The goal is to determine any abnormal memory use, or any memory leaks and to pin them down to the likely cause.

mutlaqja created this task.Oct 24 2018, 6:33 AM
mutlaqja triaged this task as Normal priority.

I am a brand new KDE contributor and I would like to get involved in the developpement of KStars. I would like to do this task but I never used tools like Valgrind or Heaptrack.
Could you please tell me for exemple the type of scenarios you want me to do in order to asses KStars memory use ? Thank you in advance

Hi Oliver, welcome!

Well, you need to start using either programs to check the memory usage of KStars and see if any of them identify any possible memory leaks and/or performance issues. Perhaps you should start using them on simpler programs to get acquainted with how they work?

I already now the basic use of Valgrim and I think it could be enough for this task, I ll try to find some memory leaks and fix them, I will let you know if I need some help but I think it is going to be ok. You can assign this task to me.