Automated Malware Scans for KDE Store Uploads
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As the number of Plasma users grow so will the users of the KDE Store and along with that, the amount of people who will try to upload malware.
We need a sustainable way to deal with this because it's impossible to check every upload manually and relying on users reports is not enough. I think the obvious place to start is with scanning the uploaded files.
While it would be theoretically possible to install ClamAV and scan the files with that, the solution that I am leaning towards is to use an online service such as (Google's) which scans with 59 engines including ClamAV.

This is what a sample of linux malware looks like on virustotal. Ironically ClamAV detects it as Windows malware.

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It seems like these kind of malware are already being seen in the wild on linux desktops: EvilGnome

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