Add new clip, shows empty window
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Reported here: Bug 398985

Add new clip. The window is empty when Kdenlive and the clips are on the same drive.

When I try to open a file, the Open menu fails. It doesnt show anything about files.

emohr created this task.Oct 21 2018, 10:47 AM

Not sure if related, but when I try to add a new clip, navigation on the left menu replaces the location of the file with a "baloosearch" address and turns the file selection window useless. If I don't touch any of the links on the left, I can navigate on the folders visible on the right.

After clicking one of the shortcuts on the navigation menu on the left (e.g. Images), the file location turns into baloosearch > Images and it becomes impossible to select a file.

Tested on a fresh build of kdenlive (18.11.70, refactoring_timeline branch) on Manjaro / XFCE. Same behaviour on Appimage (18.08.3), both on Manjaro and Linux Mint.

Tried to install baloo and baloo-widgets, but the only difference in the result is that now I get an error message like "can't create io-slave. couldn't find io-slave for protocol baloosearch".

Hope it helps.