"disable clip" does not work with title clip .
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From: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=393003

there is a "Title Clip" (TC) in a new project..
and I would expect that I could disable it by checking "Disable Clip" from the context menu... which does not seem to work.

I hope I didn't miss something... or rather, I hope I am wrong :)

.............. notes:
It doesn't seem to be normal like this. For example,when I want to add an audio effect to a "Title Clip", there is a notification (in the bottom left area) saying that I can't add audio effect to this clip...

but when I want to disable it, NO notification whatsoever is visible saying that "it is not possible" or something...

thank you


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Disabling/enabling title clips seems to be working correctly in refactoring branch.