Improve touch/virtual keyboard
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Root task to improve the overall behavior of KWin's virtual keyboard (vk).

  • Support text_input_unstable_v3 protocol: D16735
  • Support future zwp-input-method-v2 protocol.
  • Define virtual keyboard visibility modes (auto/always/disabled):
    • auto: only show when no physical keyboard attached
    • always: show always when text input is expected, maybe additionally only if last pointer interaction was with touch.
    • disabled: do not show vk.
  • Visibility change logic on touch/click: Currently when enabled the vk shows directly when focus goes to a text input field. But it makes more sense to only show it when a touch point was registered in the text input field This probably needs to be solved on application level.
  • Adjust window positioning to virtual keyboard being visible:
    • Adjust height of clients temporarily so that vk does not cover them: D18818
    • What to do with Plasma applets with text input and transients?
  • Xwayland support.