What to do with projects with KDE4 translations?
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Phonon and kdeedu-data use kde4 translations which releaseme and our builds bork at

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I see code for this in tooling. Has this been resolved?

No my work is incomplete


'14:24:27 WARN -- ReleaseMe::L10n: ! No translations found at SVN path $lang/messages/kdeedu !'

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Ah yes. The problem with kde4 is actually that even if releasme downloaded the assets correctly, they'd not get used. In kde4 times the release tools were supposed to inject the relevant cmake logic to build and install po/ and docs/. We've moved away from this because it's horrible to maintain and it divides the git-source from the tarball-source in an unnecessary fashion. But its horribleness was the reason modern releaseme intentionally does not support kde4 l10n because it'd entail a substantial maintenance cost for next to zero gain. i.e. supporting kde4 l10n does require also supporting correctly constructing cmakelists for kde4 and all that, and supporting that is absolutely terrible.

to that end I think supporting kde4 shebang would also entail backporting the pertinent install macros from ki18n and kdoctools. the way we have done it in kf5 the responsibility for knowing how to install po/ and docs is shifted into cmake, where this is relatively easy to do anyway.