Translating entries support.
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The update of peruse creator sees the 'loss' of translation support. I want to bring that back now.

My idea is to firstly create a POT exporter and a PO/MO importer. I've done this for the Krita Comic Project Management Tools too, and I think it would help here, because it'll allow translators to use their favourite translation software.

For this, I'll need to...

  • Write a POT export function. This should ahve the contents of...
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • Annotation
    • Textareas
    • References.
  • Write a Po/Mo import function.
    • Add translator, ask user whether to extract email too.
  • Write make language the default button(that is, copy the contents of said language layer to the default layer. This is because sometimes when there's no default layer, the language it defaults to can be sort of random.
  • Allow setting layers to show/hide.

Also useful...

  • Translated keys for genre vs usage keys
  • translated keys for activity
  • translated keys for transition
  • translated keys for textarea type.

So, one question I have is whether the pot import/export functions should go into the acbf library or into the archivebookmodel?

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