Make ACBF library data accesible from QML
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Right now it is not possible to turn lists of objects into QQMLListProperties, because the 'this' in the ACBF library is always a const QObject.

We have two options to deal with this:

  1. Figure out how to 'unconst' this.
  2. Use the author object workaround functions.

The latter would require that each of such list properties gets a

  • Count function.
  • Index at function
  • Is registered as a QMetatype.
  • Add entry function
  • Remove entry function
  • entries Changed signal.

These entries are:

  • Sequence
  • DatabaseRef
  • ContentRating
  • Pages
  • Textlayers
  • Textareas
  • Frames
  • Jumps
  • References
  • Author List in document info.

Furthermore, the following entries need to be made into Q_Properties, and need signals to indicate they've changed.


  • Reading direction.

Publishing Info

  • Publisher
  • Publishing city
  • Publing date
  • ISBN


  • Source
  • ID
  • Version
  • History

Finally, StringLists of paragraphs need to have an extra function to access and write them as a single string. These are at.
EDIT: Unecessary. :p

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Okay, I've managed to get all the entries in the metadata section editable from peruse creator, meaning that part is done. This is pushed in a branch.

Next up: pages/body section.

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