Allow tags/events to have a date associated
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As suggested by "g38" on irc, a way to sort events by date when browsing would be nice.

Thinking about it, I guess the "birthday" feature for people could be used to support this:

  • Sorting people in the CategoryPage by age *should* be trivial (I haven't looked at the implementation yet)
  • Care needs to be taken to achieve a sensible wording
  • In addition to the current birthday editor, a streamlined way to add dates is required (e.g. auto-set date; context-menu to set date on a category, ...)

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I've implemented a proof-of-concept for something similar in the branch feature/categoryDates: In this branch, the date range for categories is displayed, and it is possible to sort by start-date...

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The feature has been implemented and merged to master. See 3fe442065776ad905b141d429908dfbab6928f66