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"Currently we don't have any workflow to show the user information if we missed the connection with the printer.
When at Akademy, for some reason I missed communication with Tomaz printer, and Atelier didn't show me that." - Lays.

Problem: SerialLayer does not report errors to AtCore so AtCore and its clients can not act on them

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These messages should be provided via atcore:atcoreMessage


You should already be informed in the logWidget on Atelier if atcore was unable to open the device.

I missed connection during print time, and the log isn't my main widget during that. So a feedback for the user about an error is needed.

If your printing how are you not connected? I don't understand how that even happens

  1. I started a job from Atelier
  2. For some reason the connection was lost during that(Maybe bad contact with the cable or whatever)
  3. The printer stopped and Atelier didn't update with any new info.

Once your connected the connected Instance no longer updates the list of devices . (Or it stops when you start to print) . I will look in to this further when i get to my printer

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