Akademy Promo Post Mortem
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Add in the comments things that we did well, things we failed at and how we can improve for future Akademys.


WENT WELL: We managed to keep everybody informed via Twitter during the event. People commented this was good.
REPEAT: Have people in each track sending photos and texts for tweets to a third person that acts as a hub from where they can be comfortably posted

FAILED: To get the article for the first day of the event up onto the dot until well into day 2
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Have a fourth person develop tweets into texts as we go, so we have a first draft when the sessions finish

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I wrote a blog post about stuff I liked at Akademy and what I think could be improved. Short summary of what I think could be improved:

  • Talks felt disconnected. They were missing some overarching progression or topic besides being somewhat related to KDE. Solution could be to involve several projects lead from various KDE subprojects before Akademy to come up with a connected talk schedule and connect the speakers with each other.
  • BoFs were sometimes unorganized and it was not always clear who the target audience is in regards to needed prior knowledge of the project. Solution: Split up BoFs for every project into a mandatory introductory part, that can stay the same from year to year, but allows newcomers to get into the project and an optional "current topics" BoF.
  • Video uploads needed too long and picture/audio quality is not good enough. Solution: Move the camera closer to the speaker and better planning in general. Better equipment as well? If we can't do it pay some pros.

Mind that when someone puts in as much free-time work as Kenny saying "not good enough" is insulting.

This task is not about a general post mortem of Akademy, but more about Promo's activities at Akademy. Can we please restrict the conversation to that?


In T9467#160448, @paulb wrote:

This task is not about a general post mortem of Akademy, but more about Promo's activities at Akademy. Can we please restrict the conversation to that?

Sorry, then ignore the first two bullet points. I would say published talk videos are promo related though. So Promo should try to find a way on how to improve their quality for next Akademy. Thanks.

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Hello @romangg,

Promo has little say in the organisational aspects of Akademy (recording videos is a task undertaken by Akademy's organisers). I know from experience that video recording and production is hard and the organisers do the best with the means they have handy.

I agree that, as with everything, there is always space for improvement. If you think you have a workable improvement that can be incorporated into the video creation process, I say join the Akademy organisation and work alongside Kenny Coyle. Kenny is a super-amenable person and he will be very interested in working with you if that means better videos. He will appreciate your input and help a lot.

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