Gmail / IMAP does not sync and miss all folders
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I added 2 gmail accounts.
It initially synced limited folders (Inbox, spam), but fails to sync all the rest.
After a restart it require i give password again (ok, i know, it does not have keyring support yet) but still it does not sync.
Also, i found no way to force a manual sync, not documentation about available shortcuts.

fazevedo created this task.Aug 16 2018, 4:49 PM

There is indeed no documentation but F5 will trigger a sync. Please note we do not support gmails labels (that are exposed as folders over imap), and thus exclude all such "folders".

Ok, I take note about the labels unsupported.
F5 is of course one of the shortcut I tested, without luck :/
Any idea on how i can produce something useful to attach to this bug report ?

You can start kube on the console and see whether you see any output when you press f5. With "sinksh trace on" you can enable extra debugoutput, but even without there should be a reaction.

The only other thing you can do is provide a screenshot on how the ui looks when you press f5 so I can see in what state the application is.

And of course state on what platform you tried and where you have kube installed from.

I quickly tried in the flatpak, and that seems to work for me =/

My distro is KaOS, which have Kube 0.6.0.


This version is way outdated I'm afraid. Please consider testing via the flatpak at

From the screenshot it looks like f5 should work. It should trigger some debug output and normally a "Synchronizing..." status in the lower left corner.
If it doesn't and that's reproducible with the flatpak then we have a bug.

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Ok, will wait the distro upgrade to latest upstream version then come back with new informations.

Confirmed working !

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