[KApiDox] Allow product to have a landing page
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If they are composed of subproducts, products (eg: KF5, KDE PIM) have an autogenerated landing page made of a long description (= free text) + a table containing all subproducts.

Instead, it would be better that a product can set a landing page with links to other parts of the documentation AND a link to the autogenerated table. It would provide easier guiding for new users of the libraries

KApidox doesn't allow this yet, but it is doable.

For memo, an extract of the email I wrote:

there is one thing missing: a landing page for each product to guide the reader through the libraries (kind of like on the Qt page). Currently if you choose KDE Frameworks, you land on a huge table which is frightening, and you wonder "why would I use this? Even if I would, which lib should use?" well, the landing page should be rethought, and IMOH it's not hard to do, but needs the time to actually do it.