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create overview page which lists which version of things we have. things being release bundles (frameworks/plasma) or invidual extragear apps. IT DOES NOT MEAN PACKAGES.

to that end we probably need tech to map a package to their upstream identity

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You know, I feel like appstream can help us here. Certainly with the individual extragear apps. We could simply crawl all application appstream components we have packaged, then exclude all which aren't clearly KDE, then exclude all which are from a package that is in a release bundle and presto we have nice metadata to render into a website.

On a related note: determining release bundle versions is probably as simple as interrogating api -> pick repo in bundle -> check if we have a neon packaging repo of the same name -> get version from there. And this in turn may overlap with what's needed for T10285 to a degree. Both tasks ought to be somewhat the same, except the task at hand only needs one repo and T10285 does additional processing with the extracted metadata. So, all things considered we could build data extraction logic for T10285 and use the exact same code for the task at hand.