revisit pkg-kde-tools need in bionic
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pkg-kde-tools' --with kf5 dh sequence currently doesn't list-missing or lintian because we have the kubuntu version and they didn't hold on to the patch.
Somewhat related to T9306. A more useful option may be to pursue dh_missing and dh_lintian as central actors (latter isn't run by default AFAIK though)

[09:22] <acheronuk> sitter: kubuntu have patched pkg-kde-tools to get the list-missing and lintian back with dh --with kf5
[09:22] <sitter> acheronuk: are you sure that's working because we simply use the kubuntu pkg-kde-tools
[09:23] <acheronuk> sitter: I mean in cosmic

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T9306 is moving ahead as a global replacement for list-missing. New game plan here is to review the original delta between us and debian and decide if we need any of the other bits.

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Having reviewed the delta it looks largely the same. As it turns out list-missing wasn't ever enabled for :O

Unchanged list-missing should be working as-is though. If/when dhmk switches to dh_missing that should work out of the box after T9306. If I am not mistaken the kf5 sequence will always include dh_missing as the default dh sequence is always applied unless overridden (which seems not the case)