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Hello VDG,

the PIM team would like to sport a fancy website for Kontact to better market it as a product on its own (similar to what Krita or Digikam do).

I borrowed the "Aether" design from @kvermette and created an initial version of the webpage, you can see the live devel version here: http://kontact.dvratil.cz/index.html (and the git repo is here).

I'm working with the KDE Promo team to polish the content, but I'd also like to ask you guys for help regarding the design. I don't want you to design the whole website or to create anything special for us (I actually quite like that our page loks similar to kde.org), but I'd like to get some general feedback regarding the visuals, layouts etc.

dvratil created this task.Jul 31 2018, 8:59 PM

@abetts, @colomar (I'm actually not sure who all is in the VDG nowadays), could you please take a look at the website if you have a moment? I'd like to push it forward eventually :-)

I love it! I have nothing to add. Have we tested this site on mobile?

I have tried it on mobile and most elements adapt perfectly, so we don't need to change anything there. One thing that I'd change is the "Made by KDE" logo: The top row looks too crowded with the logo, so we should consider moving it at the bottom of the link bar instead. (Falkon.org also does this)

Thanks Andy! It should all be responsive.

I'll hide the "Made by KDE" in mobile version and I'll also remove the left/right arrows in the carousel on the landing page (as seen on the screenshot)

Black navigation links lack contrast on blue background, consider adding:

#kHeaderNav .nav-link.active {
  color: #fff;

Also, a typo in the footer: KDE © a the K Desktop Environment

KDE Software Center -> Discover Software Center
"you can follow this Flatpak HOWTO and build it yourself. "
"regularily" -> regularly
"We don't have regular release of Flatpak app with Kontact" -> We do not provide Flatpak packages of Kontact releases yet

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Thanks, all fixed.

The website is live on kontact.kde.org now, so I think we can close this task, thanks everyone for your input and help!