Pancake Timeline Editing
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Easier/faster editing: Working with 2 or more timelines.


First you take the best parts of your footage with setting in/out points and insert it into a timeline. So you can make even more then 1 in/out point in a very long clip. Now you have all your best clips selection on a let’s call b-roll selects timeline.

Now you open/create a new 2nd timeline for the final video (master/project timeline). Stack it below the b-roll selects timeline. Now you can drag and drop all needed clips from the b-roll selects timeline into the master timeline.

To do this no nested timeline is needed. You should have the possibility to assign the b-roll selects timeline to the clip monitor so you see on the clip monitor your selects and on the project monitor the final video.

Some link for better illustration:

Maybe it’s part of: T1959

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I merged it with the T1959. Nested timelines is definitely in the roadmap after the refactoring we just need to think of a way to apply it. The Pancake timeline is one option.

Thanks :)