Drawing activity, Create a new UI and refactor the current code
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GSoC week 1 - 2 Tasks

  • Creating a new UI for the drawing activity. The new UI will be based on foldable-panels.
  • Refactoring the current code and breaking it into various elements and adapting to new UI.

As discussed on the mail-list, there will be following panels and options -->

Menu: with file save, load, undo and redo, export to png, also a button to "erase all", and another to change the background color.

Tools: with a list of the different tools (freehand brush, line, geometric, fill, eraser) Note: when we want to add new "brush engines" with different painting behaviors, add a new tool here and expose the interesting settings in the settings panel.

Settings: with the settings of the selected tool

the proposed list of settings for each of current tools:
-freehand brush: size, spacing, scroll area with brush images
-lines: free angle or orthogonal angle (note: 45° diagonal could be merged into it...), size, brush images area
-geometric: mode (circle, rectangle, others possible), option to paint outlines, option to fill the shapes
-bucket fill: no real need for settings, should have simple behavior... (note: current fill action fills all the canvas.. would be better to make it actually fill an empty or same-color area like it does in all drawing app..)
-eraser: size, spacing, brush images area

Color: could be a color palette in a scrollable area, and an "edit palette" button to add/remove colors from the palette.

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